The Dreams we share are as unique as the dreamers themselves. The places children have gone, the people they've met are far too numerous to list here but we'd like to share just a few dreams with you now.

Computer dreams are very popular. The computer is delivered to the child together with a desk, printer, paper and accessories. It's pre-programmed with software that meets the child's needs and stimulates their special interests.

Trips to visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World are also very popular. We provide the airfare, accommodations on the Disney premises, money for meals, special cloths to wear once there, and a camera with film to record all the memories.

We handle other dream trips in similar fashion and have sent children fishing, to the zoo, and to many sports events and concerts.

Shopping sprees are popular as often medications and illness can cause size changes. We outfit dreamers top to bottom with both fun and useful garments.

Since illness often confines a child to the bedroom for long periods, bedroom makeovers are also commonly provided, with a complete change of furniture and bedding.

Toy dreams dance in the hands of many children and we make them come true with all the items that didn't arrive for holidays or birthdays.

And what child doesn't dream of meeting their hero or having their moment of fame. We've arranged many celebrity encounters with movie, music and sports celebrities and have even had children appear on favorite television shows.